Event Calendar

Atlas Resources Series 33–2013 L.P. Training & Education Conference Calls:


Program Conference Call Information Coming Soon!


For further information including dial-in and passcode information for conference calls for the current offering, please contact Atlas at 800-251-0171, option 2 or by email at marketingsupport@atlasenergy.com. Registered Representatives of eligible Broker/Dealers may also contact their respective wholesaler. Broker/Dealers and Registered Representatives of Broker/Dealers with signed selling agreements in the current offering are eligible to participate.


2013 Training & Education Meetings:

  • June 17–18, 2013 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • October 1–2, 2013 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • October 29–30, 2013 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Training & Education meetings are for Registered Representatives of Broker/Dealers within Atlas’s syndication group. Atlas adheres to established industry compliance practices as directed by its Chief Compliance Officer as well as to any additional requirements of individual Broker/Dealers. Individual Registered Representatives who attend these meetings are pre-approved by their respective Broker/Dealer prior to receiving an invitation to attend from Atlas and prior to attendance at a meeting. Due Diligence Officers are also welcome to attend. Inquiries about attending a Training & Education meeting may be made by contacting marketingsupport@atlasenergy.com. All meetings are held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania near the Atlas Energy, L.P. headquarters.


Atlas Energy, L.P. 14th Annual Corporate Due Diligence Meeting:

  • February, 2014 Phoenix, Arizona

Tentative Meeting Date Coming Soon!


This meeting is for Due Diligence Officers of Broker/Dealers and Independent Due Diligence Officers only. It is by invitation only. Inquiries regarding Corporate Due Diligence meetings should be made to marketingsupport@atlasenergy.com.