Environmental Programs


By keeping our policies and procedures current and properly organizing our teams, we can ensure compliance on all levels.


Public safety is very important to Atlas Resource Partners. By holding meetings in our communities, we make sure the public understands how we operate and the steps we take to ensure safety for all. We post signs around our well sites and equipment to make sure the public understands the dangers surrounding our sites, and we continuously audit our sites and take corrective actions to ensure the safest standards of operation.


Environmental Concerns

Air quality We regularly test and monitor air quality to make sure we follow existing guidelines for federal air regulations to avoid risks for the environment. In more residential areas, Atlas goes above and beyond guidelines to ensure that the highest air quality standards are maintained.


Noise control Compressors tend to be noisy and give off air emissions, so near more residential areas, we take steps to reduce the noise, and we work to stay within OSHA and townships’ noise ordinances. We also take regular readings on the noise levels across all of our locations to ensure we are neighborhood friendly.


Spill control and containment We have containment systems around our tanks, and we audit and inspect our equipment regularly to make sure there are no leaks. At drilling sites, we put down containment systems to prevent any releases into the environment, and we have detailed information on local waterways so that, should anything happen, we have plans for effective means of control.


Waste management For all waste that is created, we have a plan for where the waste is going, how it is being transported and how it is disposed. We keep track of every ounce of waste we produce and dispose of it properly.